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GONOW GS50 Automobile

Author: M Abdul Rehman // Category:

Product Name: GONOW GS50 Automobile
Model Number: GS50
Place of Origin: China

1) Coxswain SUV: while foldable 2nd and 3rd seats are put down, adding
1,200 x 1,350 x 900mm luggage compartment, an extra space for luggage
will meet your special demand
2) Peach-grain dash board, adjustable steering wheel, peach-grain shift lever
knob ball, environmental air conditioner, CD and hi-fi audio, high back leather
seat, power steering and three point seat belt, all these equipment allow
you to enjoy relax and cozy drive
3) Foldable leather arm rest
4) Rear-mounted air conditioner and LCD screen VCD, cozy enjoyment of life
5) Dual cross arm torsion bar spring independent suspension, special chassis
for SUV, offering high pass capability and ensuring comfortable ride and
stable drive, making SUV like a car in terms of adjust ability to road surface
and steering
6) Stable and mighty 235 big tyre ensuring good ground-grip capability, wide
electric wing mirror allowing broad view
7) Equipped with 491Q-ME multi-point ele-fuel injection engine, displacement
of 2.3 L, ECU control, 76KW, top speed of 140 km, meeting EURO II
emission standard. LPSV mounted on brake system ensuring
reasonable distribution of brake on front and rear wheel according to
loading weight and brake force and making more stable driving
8) Body color: noble yellow, moonlight white, Jianjiang grey, Ziying blue, Haimo
blue, ice blue long green

2 Responses to "GONOW GS50 Automobile"

one Says :
August 18, 2009 at 3:57 AM

Can u tell me what is the maximum speed?

image_of_purity Says :
September 4, 2009 at 10:55 AM

i never knew china also produce a beautiful car..

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