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9th Auto Expo 2008 New Delhi : Photos, Snaps and Review

Author: M Abdul Rehman // Category:

It was the biggest Auto Expo India has ever seen. Strating from Jan 10`th, in Delhi’s Pragathi Maidan. The Indian is on every major global automobile player’s roadmap,and it isn’t hard to see why ..
  • India is the second largest two-wheeler market in the world
  • Fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world
  • 11th largest passenger car market in the world
  • Expected to be the seventh largest by 2016
  • Robust production

The indian market has been on a steady upswing for some time now, and with the future looking even more promising. This auto show consists all, from the high-tech hybrids to Superb Sports Cars to Ultra low cost cars, Abundant with concepts including Auto Design genius, Dilip Chabaria’s Designs.

My good friend, Ahmed has taken few good shots (Thanks Ahmed [A2Z] ) and sent it to me. So, Please, Enjoy the Show …

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