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Panasonic enter New Zealand healthcare market with Toughbook CF-H1 Tablet PC

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Panasonic has launched its first Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) – the Toughbook CF-H1 in the New Zealand market. The newest member of Panasonic’s Toughbook family of ruggedised mobile computing products, the Toughbook CF-H1 provides the healthcare profession with a full-featured mobile device that can withstand the rigours of a fast-paced healthcare environment, while offering improvements in workflow productivity, quality and mobility, all combining to achieve better outcomes for patients.

The CF-H1 has been designed in response to the needs of healthcare professionals, and Panasonic sought feedback from clinicians in all elements of research and development.

Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCAs) allow healthcare professionals to access and update medical records and critical information live at the patient’s bedside. The company says the proven benefit of an MCA is improved staff productivity, as valuable time with the patient is maximised instead of them searching through paper records, while easy access to critical information means errors can be reduced.

Panasonic’s CF-H1 MCA is a highly-durable solution. Its lightweight, ergonomic and rugged design means it will survive the knocks, bumps and drops that often occur in a busy medical environment. With a fanless design and no open ports it can be easily and safely sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectant, reducing the spread of infection. Long battery life and dual hot-swappable batteries means the CF-H1 is always working, so healthcare professionals have continuous access to critical information.

According to Steve Munns, Business Development Manager, Toughbook, Panasonic New Zealand the MCA is fast becoming an essential tool for the healthcare industry.

“In a high-pressured environment where speed and access to information is the key to delivering quality patient care and overall staff productivity, a hard-working, reliable mobile IT solution is vital”.

“Panasonic considered every need and feature requirement when designing the Toughbook CF-H1, incorporating feedback from many experienced healthcare professionals. The result is a durable, lightweight solution that is fully-featured, advanced and intuitive to operate”.

The CF-H1 features a number of smart functions to maximise time spent with patients and improve workflow. When using the CF-H1 MCA, a nurse or clinician can log on via the contactless smart card reader or fingerprint reader to ensure access to confidential patient records is secure at all times.

A RFID reader and barcode scanner can allow fast, accurate access to the patient’s full medical records, simply by scanning a patient’s barcode at their bedside, or on their wrist. This can help to reduce medication administration errors and deliver faster, safer patient care.

The integrated 2.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with dual LED lights allows users to capture images to add to a patient’s file. Photos of wounds or symptoms can then be sent electronically for further diagnosis to other professionals or monitored during healing and recovery. The 10.4 inch XGA sunlight viewable LCD screen is clear and easy to see.

A fully rugged device, the CF-H1 meets stringent military- specification MIL-STD-810F, and is capable of withstanding a drop of three feet – similar to the height of a patient’s bed. It is moisture and dust resistant and can be sprayed and wiped repeatedly with chemicals without affecting its operation.

A range of embedded wireless options includes 802.11a/b/g/ draft-n and Bluetooth 2.0. The device also ships (as an integrated option) with Qualcomm’s new Gobi technology, offering up to 7.2 Mbps mobile data links and simplifying complex multi-carrier wireless deployments for I.T. departments. The CF-H1 also comes with optional, GPS technology allowing for location awareness with improved accuracy, faster satellite acquisition time and lower power consumption.

The whole system is based on an Intel Atom Processor (1.86GHz), and comes with 1GB RAM, 80GB 1.8” shock mounted HDD and 10.4” XGA Sunlight Viewable LCD Display.

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